Weather Frejus : 6 day weather forecast in Frejus

Weather Frejus

Holiday Rental Frejus (Location Frejus), in partnership with Weather Frejus, provides the weather forecast for the next six days for the town of Frejus :

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Frejus climate

Frejus is a city in the Var department in the Provence Alps Côte d’Azur region situated in southern France. It offers a Mediterranean climate with nice hot and dry summers and mild and wet winters.
The average annual temperature is 14,4° with a maximum of 19,6° and a minimal of 9,1°.
In July-August, 28° is the average maximum temperature, while in December and January the average minimum is 3°. These are very soft (values) thanks to the Mediterranean Sea and mistral.

However, the commune remains protected from the mistral thanks to the Maures and Esterel mountains. It is more exposed to the sirocco wind that blows only rarely.

The sunshine in Frejus is ideal with a record of 2,748 hours per year with a peak of 355 hours in August. Thus, for your holidays, it is best to plan your holidays from April to September that enjoys more than 250 hours of sunshine.

Precipitations, even low, are still one of the Mediterranean climate characteristic with a total of only 823 millimeters for the year. However, they are irregular^ly shared out with less than 15 millimeters in July and more than 115 millimeters in October. However, October is not the most unpleasant month as it may only rain a few days depending on the year.

Données climatiques à Fréjus.Meteo FrejusSource : Climatologie mensuelle à la station de Saint-Raphaël de 1948 à 2002.