Marineland Antibes and its animal exhibition park

Presentation of Marineland

MarinelandMarineland Antibes is one of the most popular theme park in France. It consists of four theme parks: Marineland, the Far West Farm, Aquasplash, and Adventure Golf.

Each year, over one million two hundred thousand enthusiastic visitors come to entertain in this huge space of 25,000 m² of pure entertainment. They spend a day, a weekend or a few days before exiting filled with grandiose memories, promising to return soon. Marineland space is « the must of the Riviera, » but casual where you must also benefits from a Mediterranean climate.

History of Marineland Antibes

Space Marineland was the birthplace of the site in 1970. And 40 years later, he became the first European marine wildlife park. They come to marvel at the address dolphins acrobats, for laughs fantasies sea lions, and to gawk at the spectacle of orcas, the largest predators of the ocean, moving in a large basin that identifies a lagoon. Communion is total between these animals and their handlers . It is true that it is essential to perform a long academic career to claim share their daily lives. You can check if you book a « Meet the dolphins, sea lions and sharks . »

Marineland AntibesEntre each show , visitors will walk near dens reconstructed polar bears , they live in a unique environment and the extent of their desires. Of seawater and freshwater basins offer them fresh as they look . Meanwhile sea lions and penguins bask in the sun. Close , tourists through the glass tunnel aquarium sharks. These 30 meters to go, they provide an incredible feeling , especially when they see pass near them , the bull sharks or stingray . Another remarkable place , aquarium or thousands of colorful fish and all origins impress younger .

In summer , the park lingers until 11pm, to allow families and lovers to enjoy a little more sympathetic presence of whales and bears.

Park Far West

The farm management of the Wild West! This amusement park you will have a good time. The wooden huts inspired by western culture stand along busy streets. Nothing like discovering La Ferme du Far West than riding in the Train Plains. As soon as the little engine engages the rails, you will see live performances that mix cowboys and sheriffs installed at the corner of a room for the largest amusement of passersby. The smaller ones where to head between Suspended Cases Casafrica know, space Playmobil, the carousel of galloping horses, or the new attraction of Urban Adventure. Perhaps a descent motorized buoy along River Magic consume some energy, otherwise leave them scratching their heads in the Labyrinth.

The Adventure Golf Park

Opposite here is the Adventure Golf Park. It is a magical place, where the smallest and largest devote themselves to the joys of minigolf. Here are 3 courses of different levels with the same inspiration the works of Jules Verne. « Mysterious Island », « 5 Weeks in a Balloon, » and « Journey to the Center of the Earth » are the names of each of them. Caves, waterfalls, ice tunnel, the lighthouse at the end the world or a volcano or will witness your exploits.

The park Aquasplash

Everyone will want to spend a day at Aquasplash. Surprising as the largest water park in the Riviera offers over 2000 meters of skiing. Depending on the space you choose, slides with soft or steep slopes, will lead inevitably to a fresh water pond. 100 meters from Turbolance and the whirlwind of Spaceboat may be your favorite. Bet young daring to invent crazy stories in Island Pirates. And why not install quietly in a recliner in the VIP area and enjoy a sun bath? After all, it is the holidays!

Deals Marineland Antibes

Restaurants are available in the parks, and picnic areas have been built outside the Marineland area , you can enter and leave retaining confirmation of your entry title . Rates vary depending on the period, but also by the number of parks which you want to go. Offers less than 50 € / person are available in peak periods , but generally the package worth € 75 on average.

Base rates 2012-2013 for a single entry to Marineland, the Ferme du Far West, Adventure Golf or Aquasplash is 38 €, 13 €, 11 € and 26 € respectively for adults and 30 €, € 10, € 9 and € 20 (in the same order) for children 3 to 12 years . Children under 3 years do not pay entrance . Promotional periods , coupons, discounts, and discounts for groups, students , seniors or people with disabilities are applied. Finally, combined tickets from February to April parks are available. To avoid long queue at checkouts, and to enjoy the best deals and a secure payment platform , we invite you to order from our partner FNAC shows :


Administrative services Marineland are available to parents who wish to organize the anniversary of their child in the enclosure, as well as to companies who are looking for fun activities for their employees.

Marineland Antibes presentation video

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